As a senior and a cancer survivor with only one lung, making my days balanced and safe is most important to me.  When I received the MARS masks, which were shipped very quickly to me, I was very surprised!  The quality and fit of the MARS masks are very good.

Avril F

Avril F
The best mask I have.Worth every penny.They fit secure and do not fog up my glasses.I would recommend them to everyone.They make me feel safe.Thank you for this wonderful product.

Marie Westcott

Marie Westcott
Their Covid Mask is the best in the business . I have tried many and my search is over. The fit is perfect, the seal it provide is very good and I breath with ease. Well done and thank you for making my family safe.

Jean Moreau

Jean Moreau
Our whole family use the MARS masks and love how they have full face coverage and can adjust properly to your face. They are comfortable and knowing we have extra protection to keep our family safe is so important to us.

Lisa A, Kamloops

Lisa A, Kamloops
We ordered the 50ml MARS hand sanitizer for our restaurant as we wait for our patio to reopen and welcome back customers. This sanitizer is amazing. No alcohol smell and really soft on the hands. We will be placing a bottle on every table as we seat our customers.

Wasn’t aware of the larger bottle but we will certainly be ordering them as well on our next order to ensure the safety of our staff. Thanks MARS.

D Goyzer 

D Goyzer ,
Just received our MARS Silvertek masks. Are these ever comfortable. The ordering process was simple, and they arrived in a few days. No more foggy glasses and the adjustable straps are perfect.
I also ordered for our kids who don’t like wearing masks. No more issues with them. The smaller size is wonderful and they say they can breath thru them without any problem.
We will be telling everyone about MARS and have also added a google review.

Harris Family, Houston

Harris Family, Houston,
These masks are very comfortable, fit well offering good coverage sealing well around your face, easy to breath through, wash up well and are economical compared to what good disposal masks cost. We initially bought these for several of our family members and we all conquer on the features and benefits.

Ancaster, On.

Ancaster, On.,
Mars mask is my go to mask. I always carry it with me for it’s comfort fit & breath ability!

Karen, Ancaster Ontario

Karen, Ancaster Ontario,
We love our MarsBioMed masks!
My husband is a realtor and meets with clients regularly and it gives us peace of mind that we have extra coverage that simple cloth masks or paper masks don’t provide.

They’re very comfortable and easy to wash and hang to dry.
Thank you Stephanie for introducing these masks to us.

Denise and David Sharples

Denise and David Sharples,