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How should I wash my mask?2021-06-24T17:19:38+00:00

Hand wash your mask using a mild detergent or soap with warm water. Then simply hang the mask to dry.

Is the MARS Hand Sanitizer approved by Health Canada?2021-06-24T17:19:38+00:00

Yes, the Hand Sanitizer is fully licensed by Health Canada and has multiple NPN Health Canada NHP product licenses. The Hand Sanitizer is formulated from Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients.

What is the USP Grade alcohol for the Hand Sanitizer?2021-06-24T17:19:38+00:00

70% USP Grade alcohol that effectively kills germs and bacteria and is scent free. It is infused with aloe to help prevent dryness.

What is the difference between the MARS PX-900 air purification system and an air filter?2021-06-24T17:19:38+00:00

An air filter is designed to collect particulates from the air (i.e. dust and dirt). Airborne contaminants, such as viruses, bacteria, mold, chemical agents, and VOCs pass through even a high efficiency filter, like sand through a tennis racket. UV air purification systems are designed to destroy the DNA structure of microorganisms through sterilization, as well as change the molecular structure of contaminants through photo-oxidation destroying both biological and chemical contaminants, including odors.

Where is the best place to position the PX-900 Air Disinfection Unit?2021-06-24T17:19:38+00:00

It can be placed anywhere in your home or office, please make sure that nothing obstructs the filter at the base of the unit.

Do I need to run the PX-900 Portable Air Disinfection unit 24/7?2021-06-24T17:19:38+00:00

Portable purifiers can be used 24/7 or when needed.

What maintenance is required for the PX-900 Portable Air Disinfection unit?2021-06-24T17:19:37+00:00

Besides replacing of the UV lamp as per the warranty and cleaning of the filter as needed, no other maintenance is required.

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